Esports is a mass phenomenon, youth culture, and competition all in one. The term describes organised and competitive electronic sport in which one or moreplayers compete in video and computer games. Completely different conditions and sets of rules apply for the esports players depending on the genre and the actual game. However, the competitive aspect is always very clearly at the forefront. The Institute of Movement Therapy and movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation considers esports to be a promising sport which breaks with the old understanding thereof and which allows for new approaches. What’s more, it is a very versatile and fast-paced sport which is directly dependent on the fans and on the popularity of the games. As a result, we (the Institute) are of the opinion that esports can still learn much from traditional sports, as well as vice versa! This means we do not see esports as being a short-term fashion trend, but rather the sport of the coming generations. (source:, a project of German Sport University Cologne)